Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CRUSH on Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia: former D&G model, currently freelance stylist and fashion editor at L'Uomoo Vogue and and a regular on all my fave blogs ( sartorialist, jakandjil, garancedore, etc). She's got impeccable (and expensive) taste with a ladylike 40's flavor-- undoubtedly someone to whom we can all aspire. I've picked a few of my favorite, and most attainable looks from over the seasons.
Is there a method to her marvelous?
1. she favors luxe materials- tweeds, furs, mix generously.
2. keep that neck covered- tie on a scarf, wear a turtleneck, pop that collar!
3. center part the hair, no-fuss, no-mess bun.
4. simple color palette- monochromatic or choose one colorful piece.
5. roll up your sleeves, put on some long gloves and call it a day.

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