Monday, August 17, 2009


Fashion's favorite redhead is making moves.

The perpetually well-clad and impeccably-shod Accessories Director will be leaving her Teen Voguettes for Nina Garcia's team at Marie Claire.

In honor of Taylor's years at Conde Nast, I thought now would be as good a time as any post to a little tribute.
Here are a few tips to looking as :
1. Don't be afraid of investment staples- for Tay, this happens to be a bright blue Fendi bag, Phi boots, grey flannel quilted vest, black bf blazer, skinny black belt...
2. Buy different versions of your favorite items- laceup chunky booties, black strappy boots,
3. Add single menswear item, preferably oversized- peacoat, buttondown, brogues, pleated cropped trousers
4. Add something around the neck- printed scarf, chunky necklace
5. Your handbag should always have a shoulder strap, but you should never use it.
6. Stick to neutrals, black and white for clothing. Leave the pop color to accessories... and hair.
7. Dye hair RED. Immediately.

It's not strapless, nor does it have crinoline, satin, lace, beads, etc. Hallelujah!

For more drool-worthy ensembles: