Monday, July 27, 2009


So I've been saying the '90s are back for a little while now... I'm so over the '80s and for me... maybe the 90's never left. Dookie and Out Come the Wolves are still on heavy rotation in my VW Cabrio (much to the dismay of my passengers). I've been alternating between ditsy floral dresses and plaid shirts with black combat boots since the spring.
whowhatwear did a little 90210-inspired shoot a couple months ago which was totally inspiring-- who knew I'd be dressing like Andrea Zuckerman all these years later?!
Much to my delight, one of my fave mags (ELLE) hired one of my fave renaissance women (Erin Wasson) to style a shoot inspired by one of my ABSOLUTE fave movies of all time (Empire Records).

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  1. My favorite movie too! And I'm starting to become an Anton Yelchin fan. Or maybe I like saying his name.