Tuesday, April 21, 2009


here's what i bought on opening day... contrary to popular belief, it took about a half hour to get in, which still may or may not seem outrageous to you.

i could wear this floral KM dress every single day- with a moto jacket, with a shawl collar grandpa cardi, with a bf blazer, a big scarf, a hoodie, leggings, over-the-knee boots, ballet flats, gladiator heels, whatever.

i really REALLY wish i had gotten this skirt in the blush pink, but i only found it after i had been there for hours and paid for everything.

this little guy is surprisingly flattering...
dont forget to dig up your old student id's and get an extra 10% off. although with the current exchange rate, it may even be cheaper to try and order from the UK website.

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